Learn from local business titans in an informative and casual setting

Grand Chats Speaker Series features local business titans, entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators in a casual and interactive setting. It’s purpose is to educate and inspire companies and individuals to achieve greatness. Chats take place once a month in the Grand Innovations Event Centre and are hosted by John Stix “I’m In Transformation Specialist”. The talks are geared to help leaders, organizations and individuals alignment with their business objectives and learn WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO IT to drive highly engaged performance in your culture, teams and leaders. The Chats are free and require participants to register in advance as space is limited to 100 spots. Click here to register for our next event.



Discover Your WHO
Indentity, Team and Leadership Secrets to Mastering High Performance

Presented by John Stix
Wednesday, August 21, 2019

John Stix

John Stix is the creator of “I’M IN®” – Discover your WHO for business and individuals. Having been a part of helping many leaders and their organizations, starting with a company he co-founded through a holistic shift, he has honed the skills to help others masterfully alter mentalities, emotions and actions.


Accelerate and Elevate
Your Business & Life

I help executive leaders unlock their inner greatness, make lasting changes and build a thriving business and life they love.

Presented by Jackie Lauer
Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Hi, I am Jackie and my mission and passion is to help create healthy, thriving, high-performance workplace cultures by helping leaders tap into the strengths of their people, aligning their values and goals and creating an environment that fosters success from the inside out.


The Future of Cambridge
Business in Cambridge and How It’s Growing

Presented by Greg Durocher
Wednesday, October 23, 2019

I am a “Chamber Executive”, an exceptionally talented, multi-tasking professional, capable of gracefully occupying no fewer than eleven simultaneous positions on the time-space continuum, event coordinator, marketing specialist, public relations and social media guru, psychotherapist, tour guide, media consultant, gracious host, community ambassador, golf expert, government liaison, volunteer tactician, all-around decent-if under-appreciated-human being, capable of warm smiles, firm handshakes and sixteen-hour days.